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When Made-in-Italy mastery meets technology: ProdigIO, Wearableitalia’s exquisite and Smart Jewelry collection

An almost magic, extraordinary phenomenon: ProdigIO, a wonder that amazes whoever encounters it, just like Wearableitalia’s women’s smart jewelry collection by the same name, which is paving the way for a real revolution in fashion technology.

Discover the First Collection of Jewelry. It's a ProdigIO.

We chose to call this line ProdigIO because of its double meaning: on the one hand the adjective highlights the line’s beautiful and extraordinary dimension; on the other hand the digital side is evoked by the number 10, discretely contained in the collection’s name, referring to the binary numerical system typical of computer language. 10 is a number which can be graphically superimposed on the Italian pronoun IO (“I” in English), a self-referential choice representing the unique and strongly personalized character of the data measured by the technology that is fully integrated into Wearableitalia’s jewelry. 

Don’t call Smart Jewelry. This is a Jewelry Smart.

Luxury design with a hi-tech heart, an illusory paradox

ProdigIO marks a breakthrough in bridging the gap between the latest cutting edge technology and the Made-in-Italy style, which until now was the main feature of jewelry smart.

Wearableitalia’s jewelry brilliantly combines two allegedly opposite poles: the unique style and absolutely artisan production typical of made-in-Italy products with the latest cutting edge technology, exclusive and patented.

Only available in Gold, Silver or Ruthenium Black


Drops of light and precious molten metal give life to Fluid, perfect as a statement jewel as well as a luxurious accent to a rich and determined look. With strong and distinctive lines, Fluid is the right bracelet for those who don’t want to pass unnoticed, rather take on all the brightness, the sparkling reflections and the elegance of a unique piece.

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Essential, bold lines define this Wearableitalia bracelet. The Plus model stands out for its simplicity and the decisiveness of its design, as well as all the pieces in this line. Classical shapes and cutting edge spirit: Plus is the characteristic mark that makes every look special thanks to its distinctive, made-in-Italy style, the unique and exclusive soul of ProdigIO jewels.

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Two differences in a mutual embrace and merged together: this is the essence of Contrarié.  Two bands form the bracelet, encircling the wearer’s wrist in a precious embrace: asymmetric but complementary, they latch with a hidden release, a further unmistakable mark of the Italian craftsmanship featured by Wearableitalia products, where hi-tech and made-in-Italy join in an happily denied paradox.

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ProdigIO’s creations hide a secret

And what's more, there are a lot of functions that are absolutely invisible on the exterior and allow the following features to be highly customized:
Security, fitness, notifications customisation. ProdigIO merges in one device the best functions people expect from technology today, without giving up a look to die for.

APP Function

  • Easy pairing with smartphone APP (Android / IOS / Windows)
  • Customizable notifications
  • Health and fitness goals tracking
  • Safety and emergency features
  • Proximity sensor
  • Bluetooth Low Energy connection
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ProdigIO smart Jewelry.  In touch with beauty.

These beautiful objects are part of the tradition of style that has made Italy world famous, but also stem from an extremely modern vision that perfectly fits with the smart spirit of the jewels.

The ProdigIO collection was created by the designer Roberto Ferlito.

Photographer and Creative Director Diego Diaz Marin

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