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Join the revolution of wearable technologies. It’s beautiful.

Tired of wearing technological devices that look so cheap and bulky?
From the excellence of renowned Italian designers, Wearable Italia brings you the first luxury jewels that are also incredible smart. Prestigious materials, elegant details, innovative technology and a collection of devices with a contemporary style that will make you feel stunning and cool at all times.

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When Made in Italy mastery meets technology:ProdigIO, Wearableitalia’s exquisite and smart bracelet collection

An almost magic, extraordinary phenomenon: ProdigIO, a wonder that amazes whoever encounters it, just like Wearableitalia’s women’s jewelry collection by the same name, which is paving the way for a real revolution in fashion technology.

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Beauty you can see, technology you feel WearableItalia

Wearableitalia was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to overcome the dichotomy between style and hi-tech, to be able to offer customers intelligent objects, which are at the same time absolutely in line with made-in-Italy elegance.

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Gold Silver Ruthenium


Drops of light and precious molten metal give life to Fluid


Essential, bold lines define this Wearableitalia bracelet


Two differences in a mutual embrace and merged together

Wearable Italia. Just Beautiful.

The Italian taste meets the experience of the best designers in the fashion industry, creating a device simply unique.

Technology and craftsmanship

Two extremes that are combined in this piece of jewelry in an apparent paradox, which like all Wearableitalia products, encompass the amazing, highly personalized performance and monitoring of the latest cutting edge technology as well as the art of Italy’s wise goldsmiths, a pillar of the deeply rooted traditions of Made in Italy products.

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ProdigIO bracelets are not just incredibly stylish jewelry.They are also women’s silent allies

All the bracelets have a safety button to use in case of danger. This alarm allows you to send an emergency message that will be immediately transmitted to all the contacts loaded on the APP, which can also be programmed to send a call or the sender’s geolocation, depending on their preferences.

Invisible features

  • Safety and emergency
  • Health and Fitness tracking
  • Customizable notifications
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One device, a thousand features.

Make your everyday life easier and discover why it’s so easy to fall in love with the hidden technology of smart luxury.


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International Patent App. No.: PCT/EP2013

POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I azione 1.3.1. - Avviso a sostegno delle nuove PMI innovative 2016.
Finanziamento e sviluppo di soluzioni IoT e tecnologia indossabile nel settore moda / artigianato.
Funding solution & development of wearable IoT technology in the fashion / artisanal industry.