Prodigio is a smart bracelet designed to keep you safe, healthy, and connected to what matters most. Each bracelet provides real-time mobile filtered notifications, so you Detox from your smartphone with style, tracks your activity and serves as a safety device with a unique messaging feature.

It’s a real unique jewel but with a little secret that only you will know

Prodigio bracelets are not just incredibly stylish jewelry they are also women’s silent allies.

Prodigio bracelets have a unique Bluetooth low energy technology (BLE) by which they are able to interact with  your smartphone, tablet or computer.

On WearableItalia mobile APP you can view all the informations stored inside the Prodigio’s bracelets, like notifications, health activities and you can customize your device with a very user-friendly interface.

The ProdigIO’s jewels communicate with you by a  gentle and customizable vibration and – depend on model – with a delicate light (on/off) customizable by color and duration through the APP.

The technology of smart wearable devices has been patented in 2013 on WIPO (World intellectual Property Organization). That means that your device is one of a kind with features that are exclusive both in design and technical innovation.

Don’t worry about this. ProdigIO collect data and Upload to the Cloud of Apple Health and Google Fit like other fitness band. So when you will dress the Jewelry the Smartphone APP understand and add the data with the other data in your health profile of Apple or google Cloud. So you can go to run with your plastic device of course and use the ProdigIO Jewelry in the others occasion, like everyday in the office and of course in your glam night out.

Wearableitalia’s APP supports both iOS and Android users. We will periodically update the mobile app and firmware, but there is no cost associated with such updates.

Prodigio’s collection will be available for purchase very soon. Check out our website or social pages for updates and Subscribe to our launch list to be the first and buy ProdigIO’s jewelry with 30% or 50% off ( limited number )

For the Launch we will comunicate the platform we will choose, where you can buy, this only for the first Production

( for understand market number because we make the pieces by artisans and hand-made )

Next, It will be available online on our website store , and at select retail stores ans boutiques across the world.

All Jewels are made of pure brass and plated in precious metals, such as gold, silver and ruthenium. 100% Made in Italy

We know the cheap use of Plastic and other toxic material. We use only Noble materials on our Jewels, Cadmium, Nickel and Lead Free.

We also know how other brands to use fake italian design or fake made in italy unfortunately. WEARABLE ITALIA sent the product to you from Italy and we guarantee the quality and the value and that it is made by real artisans in Italy near Florence.

A true Italian meta-luxury value for life.

Currently, there are one or two standard sizes available, depend on model.

Standard Size


  • Weight 90 g
  • Outside  (WxH) 70×55 mm (2,7×2,1 inch)
  • Inside (WxH) 60×40 mm (2,3×1,5 inch)


  • Weight 50 g
  • Outside  (WxH) 55×65 mm (2,1×2,5 inch)
  • Inside (WxH) 45x55mm (1,7×2,1 inch)


  • Weight 70 g
  • Outside  (WxH) 70x60mm (2,7×2,3 inch)
  • Inside (WxH) 55x45mm (2,1×1,7 inch)

Prodigio is not waterproof, because it’s a piece of unique craftsmanship jewelry but it is water-resistant. It is safe for hand washing, splashes, sweat, and light rain. It cannot be fully submerged in water, so we strongly advise against swimming or bathing with it.

Safety button

Prodigio’s safety button feature sends an alarm and shares your GPS position. Can also activate the microphone, call contacts or opening default APPs. Whiteout being noticed because all the technology you need is hidden behind your beautiful jewelry.

You may choose up to 3 emergency contacts from your phonebook who will be notified when you activate the safety button feature. The alarm can be deactivated by the same button before 15 seconds of start the sequence of help

Notifications features

By using a wireless Bluetooth connection to your device via Bluetooth, Prodigio will notify you of:

  • Incoming calls
  • Missed calls
  • Text and chat messages
  • App (all compatible Apps)
  • Social network compatible
  • Emails
  • Calendar events
  • Low phone battery

Once WearableItalia device will be connect to your phone or computer it will synchronize properly allowing you to access all the data you need, customizing your device with a very user-friendly interface.

Prodigio records your daily steps and will control the distance you walk daily, recording automatically any exercise you do. Moreover thanks to its statistics management system you always know total daily amount of calories burned and how much you can improve.

ProdigIO’s bracelets stay connected until 5/ 10 mt (depends on the ambient) nearby your phone. When you are out of range, your bracelet will disconnect  but it will still track your activity. When your jewelry back nearby your phone it will be automatically reconnect and synchronize all the data, also the notification that you lost if you want by Filter

Your Prodigio’s  will never bother you with frequent charging: its powerful battery requires charging every 10/15 days only on normal use.  Simple and convenient.