Wearable Italia. The new skin of technology.Bringing wearable technology to a new standard of value and beauty.

Weareableitalia’s creations are above all precious, elegant objects rich in stylish designs.

The Company was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to overcome the dichotomy between style and hi-tech, to be able to offer customers intelligent objects, which are at the same time absolutely in line with made-in-Italy elegance.

Wearableitalia’s products combine the uniqueness typical of high class Italian artisan traditions with the latest generation of technology applied to watches, accessories, jewelry and leather goods.

Our idea of fashiontech brilliantly combines two allegedly opposite poles: the unique style and absolutely artisan production typical of made-in-Italy products with the latest cutting edge technology.

The firts Exhibition. Debut at Milan Fashion Week.

The strong technological dimension featured by Wearableitalia’s creations can be seen in their unique creativity:  it’s no surprise that the company was chosen to participate in the exhibition Crafting the future, organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, an exhibition dedicated to craftsmanship and innovation. Supervised by none other than Vogue Italia’s historic director Franca Sozzani with support from Sara Maino, senior editor of Vogue Italia, the exhibition was held at Milan’s Mudec from September 21st to October 13th as part of Fashion Week 2016.

A fantastic debut for the collection and the start-up in general, affirming the company’s high positioning in the meta-luxury sector.


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