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New Functional Experiences for Italian Jewelry

What if precious jewels could help us live better lives? Wearable Italia and Totwoo have already laid the foundation for transforming Italian gold arts into a technological and functional experience

On 21 September 2016, the “Crafting the Future: Stories of Craftsmanship and Innovation” show debuted at Milan’s Mudec Museum of Culture. And it was curated by the unforgettable Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia. The exhibition was an attempt to create a dialogue between technological innovation and craftsmanship, for the purpose of producing a base for modernized Italian excellence, making it even more captivating. In this context, Wearable Italia made its debut. The result of a partnership between an IT Technician, Andrea Tomassini, and a fine-jewelry designer, Roberto Ferlito, this start-up was one of the first to offer such an ambitious project. We are talking about smart jewelry, or rather, jewelry that, in addition to having refined shapes and materials, holds technological characteristics. Andrea and Roberto met in 2016 and decided to transform a purely Italian product into something innovative. How? By giving it a functional soul. This all started with the “wearable device” market.

Journal du Luxe

Wearable Italia. Le design au service de la technologie.



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The Wearable News

Wearable Italia has emphasized the fact that this is not a smart jewelry, instead this is a jewelry made smart.



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If you thought all smart bands were created equal, think again. Our friends at Wearable Italia have launched a collection of beautiful bracelets that track your fitness, deliver notifications, and contains a hidden SOS button.



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