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Italian wearables surround safety with luxury

By John Weir

A new Italian startup – Wearableitalia – have launched a range of jewellery aimed at the growing market for stylish and practical trackers for females.

The first products, launched at Fashion Week in Milan earlier this year, offer a unique design, crafted by an experienced jewellery designer. The products are enhanced with handcrafted brass plated with gold, silver or ruthenium, a rare metal of the platinum family.

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Wearable Italia crée des bracelets intelligents de luxe

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Fluid, Plus et Contrarié, voici le trio de bracelets intelligents imaginés par la start-up italienne Wearable Italia. Fondée en février 2016 par l’ingénieur informatique Andrea Tomassini, Wearable Italia propose des objets connectés de luxe en édition limitée.


ProdigIO brings Italian luxe to statement smart bracelets

This limited edition line of smart jewellery tracks steps and keeps you safe Fluid, Plus and Contrarié are a trio of intelligent bracelets by the Italian fashion tech startup Wearable Italia. Founded in February 2016 by IT engineer and CEO Andrea Tomassini, the limited edition ProdigIO collection aims to blends hidden technology with Italian luxury.

"We chose to call this line ProdigIO because of its double meaning: on the one hand the adjective highlights the line's beautiful and extraordinary dimension; on the other hand the digital side is evoked by the number 10, discreetly contained in the collection's name, referring to the binary numerical system typical of computer language," said Tomassini.

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This is not Wearable Italia's first project: "The first thing I built was a robot. I wanted to understand IoT and the possibilities that technology can offer." A year later the entrepreneur moved on to creating smart bracelets and now runs a five person team which is responsible for building everything from the ground up. "Everyone knows, and understands, their role at Wearable Italia and this is important," said Tomassini. "We all have the same goal, to build a product that respects Italy and technology".



More than Good Looks: An Interview with Andrea Tomassini, Founder of Wearable Italia

Wearable Italia produces handcrafted wearable technology, ranging from fitness trackers to incognito emergency call buttons. This company’s high end fashionable technology is redefining what wearable tech can look like and pushing back against the trendy choice of mass manufactured plastic gizmos.