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Wearable Italia, the new generation of Made in Italy intelligent creations

Made in Italy design and innovative technology: these are the winning features of Wearable Italia, a start-up dedicated to Fashion Technology founded in Foligno, in green Umbria, the heart of Italy.

The idea of crafting a new way to join fashion and technology was born with the graduate IT specialist Andrea Tomassini in 2013 that concretized the idea with an international Pct Patent. The meet with the fashion industry, IT experts, Italian artisans and the designer Roberto Ferlito maked this new hybrid fashion product.

The Wearable Italia company was next founded in February 2016  supported by the entrepreneur Giacomo Paolo Barnocchi that joined the vision into an innovative hybrid startup

Wearable Italia goal is to successfully merge the made in Italy with the stunning world of IoTwearable technology and fashion design.

The ideas and projects developed by Wearable Italia are highly innovative and exploit all the skills and craftsmanship that only Italy can offer, as a worldwide synonym of fashion, luxury, quality of life and design.

Wearable Italia’s main feature is indeed its ability in blending technology and craftsmanship, creating beautiful and futuristic hand-crafted accessories, jewellery and leather goods. All strictly made in Italy with noble materials embodying a 30 year old experience in the field of luxury and fashion.

Thanks to its industrial patents deposited in partnership with the best Italian producers of hardware, software, home automation and Internet of Things, Wearable Italia is today a perfect combination of technology, design and pioneering spirit stepping into the future.

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The latest cutting edge, patented technology, unique designs and made-in-Italy craftsmanship:
these are the secrets of Wearableitalia’s products, created to amaze.