The new concept of Car-Key

The new concept of Car-Key

Dress you SuperCar

Dress your SuperCar

A perfect mix of exclusive materials, extraordinary craftsmanship and technology.

Here is the first truly intelligent piece of Car Key designed and made in italy:

We brought together the best of Italian creativity with Italian goldsmith artisans, for a unique car project: to create the new look of access to your Car.

Original designers, skilled craftsmen and ingenious minds have given life to an extraordinary bracelets with surprising technological functions.

ProdgIO Key it’s the unique Wearable smart Key proud to show off !

”The most important component in a car. It’s you!

”The most important component in a car. It’s you!

The revolution of a piece of jewelry

The Prodigio collection comes to life thanks to a bold design combined with technology.

WearableItalia has created unique piece of jewelry, which encompasses the latest generation of technology almost as if it were a rare and precious stone.

An exclusive bracelet dedicated to those who love unique pieces, with both useful and essential functions.

A tribute to the exclusive

Our Car-Key has a technological soul but is naturally attentive to design and beauty, it is therefore absolutely a piece of Italian craftsmanship made by hand and using only noble materials such as platinum silver gold and will also be available in luxury versions with diamonds or sapphires, it will also be possible an extreme customization that will transform the Key into a real jewel to be exhibited, of equal value with your supercar

Stand out from the norm. Wearing a ProdigIO-Key will be like dressing your car exclusively.

Keeping You Safe

Your personal safety is just a button far away. Your bracelet is ready to lend a hand. You can make a list of contacts and can easily and quickly trigger an alarm, share your position, on selected contacts. Simply click on it and get help fast.

Smart alerts that matters

You’ll never miss important notifications or information again by setting custom filter with vibration or LED. Change the way you live your time and prevent your smartphone from annoying you with useless and redundant notifications.
Only You know.

Get in shape

No will longer feel uncomfortable with your perfect outfit. Newer hide this Jewelry and know exactly how many calories you burned in the day and get insights on how to improve.

Only precious news for you

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Changing consumer preference, paired with quality standards, may open avenues for the wearable market. (Reportlinker)

Changing consumer preference, paired with quality standards, may open avenues for the wearable market. (Reportlinker)


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